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Latest news


Linn have ceased service support on many of their older products, these include,


Valhalla and Lingo mk 1 power supplies, LK100 and Klout power amplifiers etc.


We are still able to repair most faults on these units, so if you have a problem please contact us, we may be able to help.


Please note ALL Linn cd players must be delivered in person, we no longer accept these via couriers due to their fragile nature and the amount that get damaged in transit 

LP12 owners: Is it about time you had your turntable serviced ? LP12's require some servicing every 3-5 years. Doing so ensures that you get the best sound quality as well as ensuring that long term damage is prevented. New springs, grommets and bolts will tighten-up the sound as well as ensuring the turntable stays set up longer. At the same time the bearing oil can be replaced and we can provide a status report on things like the belt and the stylus. The last thing you want is a damaged stylus ruining your precious vinyl.

The good news is that a full service including all the new upgraded bits will only cost you £80.00 plus parts

It is also recommended that if you have a Valhalla or Lingo 1 power supply fitted that these are overhauled every 10 years. As these are now no longer available it is definitely wise to have them checked out. We can also check and carry out upgrades and factory modifications to this board if required.

A service and re-build will also cure around 90% of faulty items


The prices for a full service, re-cap and alignment are


Linn Valhalla                 £65.00 including insured return postage within the UK

Linn Lingo mk 1 and 2   £85.00 shipping if required costs £16.00 each way with full insurance in the UK


Non UK shipping also available at cost price.


We now have stock of the Lingo 1 mains inlet without the filter.

This will cure the problem of interference and sound degradation when used with Naim equipment

This can be fitted as part of a service




A couple of threads on the Linn forum regarding Lingo servicing









If sending any item to us then please ensure the packaging is sufficient or the courier will not be responsible for any damage caused.

Any item received that is poorly packaged will incur extra cost for return shipping.



The following quotes are from genuine customers

"The improvement of the LP12 since before the Lingo service is actually big and fundamental. This is truly the front end first philosophy being proven. The music is now bigger, more dynamic, clearer layering to the mix, lower noise floor, etc. I still donít know how itís done, and in a way that ignorance is magical bliss. What I do know is that Darran has restored full mojo to my LP12 for a very modest sum.I defy anybody who owns a Lingo mk1, and has never had it serviced , not to be totally blown away with what a service from Class A can do. I still canít get my head around it, but I donít careÖ!"

"You did a full cap service on my lingo a week ago, and wow what a difference it's made. I am listening to my LP12 now and it sounds fantastic.
I hadn't realised how the old caps must have gone off, but since you serviced it, there s much more life in the sound, it really has made a tremendous difference. Many thanks for a great job and great service"

Of course we can also take the opportunity to advise you of potential upgrades for your turntable or merely ensure that you get it back sounding as good as when you first bought it.

Although now no longer available from Linn we occasionally have used Valhalla power supplies in stock, this represents a huge upgrade if you have a basic power supply fitted. Call us now for prices and details.

Call 0114 2588400 to book in your turntable.

We can even offer a same day service if you arrange this in advance.

We also service Rega, Dual and Technics 1210 turntables.

We can also supply drive belts, styli, cartridges and many other parts for most turntables, at very good prices. Please call or e-mail us with your requirements. See contact us page for details.

Linn LP-12 service

Linn Lingo serice

      Linn Lingo MK1 power supply

Linn LP-12 basic power supply

     Basic Power Supply





Linn service 

     Valhalla Power Supply

Recommended Upgrades


New, improved metal TRAMPOLIN base board

A new base board which uses aluminium in place of melamine (as used in the original TRAMPOLIN) for increased rigidity. The material is acoustically deadened to provide even better audio performance.



Metal base board makes the TRAMPOLIN base more rigid and acoustically deadened.



Deadening will reduce vibration and therefore will not be affected as much by interference from the surrounding environment.



Improved audio performance.


Cost is £170.00



Please Note

This may not be suitable if you have an early non braced plinth and use a Valhalla power supply.

Please ask for details.



T Kable


Silver arm lead


The new T.Kable from Linn is an analogue armlead for use with the Ekos, Akito and Ittok tonearms. The T.Kable is made to the same high standards as the current Linn Silver Interconnect cables but has been modified physically by careful design of the insulation and outer sheathing to ensure that when fitted to the LP12 turntable the suspension operates in the correct manner.

This cable offers a significant upgrade over the standard cable supplied.


Cost is £320.00 for 1.1m or £380.00 for 1.7m



Cirkus Bearing Kit

The LP12 has had many upgrades through the years. The major ones were given exotic names, like Nirvana, Valhalla, Lingo, Trampolin reflecting the advances in accurate sound reproduction which they represented. There have also been many unnamed improvements like new feet, new baseboard, new armboard, new suspension springs and grommets and new plinth. The list is long and it means that an LP12 need never be out of date.



The Cirkus upgrade to the LP12 focuses on bearing performance and the connection of the bearing housing to the sub-chassis. The improved bearing and stronger sub-chassis arrangement provides the turntable with greater stability and ensures the bearing sits perfectly true to the chassis of the turntable. This in turn minimises the risk of turntable platter movement with respect to the sub-chassis and arm. Even the slightest movement will introduce audible degradation to the reproduced signal. Together the changes to the bearing and the sub-chassis make an enormous difference to the overall performance of the turntable. The specific changes are as follows:


1. The thickness of the bearing housing mounting flange has been substantially increased and undercuts eliminated to make it many times more rigid. This also allows the use of larger mounting bolts.


2. Increased distance between top and bottom liners in the bearing housing to make it as stable as possible eliminating even the smallest amount of rocking


3. An increase in the height of the bearing housing from the top of its inner liner to increase oil capacity, ensuring proper lubrication of the top bearing at all times.


4. The new Majik sub-chassis to improve rigidity, reducing flexing and improving control of the relationship between key components The attached kit of parts, which includes a new inner platter and spindle, is supplied to fit this upgrade. As always with Linn product improvements, new LP12 turntables will incorporate this upgrade as standard.



The full kit also includes;

A new arm board, springs and grommets, bearing oil and a new drive belt.


We can offer a same day fitting service if arranged in advance.  

Linn service




Linn Cirkus bearing upgrade
Linn Cirkus bearing upgrade


Bearing Oil


I get asked quite often which is the correct bearing oil to use in an LP-12, below is a table showing all bearing and housing combinations used by Linn. Unless otherwise stated always use Linn black oil.


Bearing Housing          Bearing Liner
Colour                          Colour

1. Silver                         Black
2. Silver                         White
3. Gold                         White*
4. Black                        White (1984)
5. Black                        Black (1987)          serial no.(Approx.) -70,000
6. Black                        Black: CIRKUS kit  serial number 90582.

* Use this bearing housing with a light mineral machine oil. Black
Oil can cause it to seize.




Sound quality, as always, remains Linn's top priority. The following changes were made primarily as sonic improvements. However, in many cases these changes have also had an advantageous effect on manufacturing techniques, assembly procedures and easier LP12 set-up.


Upgrade Year Serial Number (approx)

25 year Anniversary of LP12!

Silver badge on back and special piano laquer available                            




LP12 Cirkus bearing and subchassis upgrade fitted as standard.               

April 93


Top Plate with Stud

Fitted with additional stud which improves the coupling

of the top plate to the Plinth and secures the motor corner.                       

Mar 1992


LP12 Mechanics Only

LP12 sold as a mechanical assembly only. Three power supply                

options available: Lingo, Valhalla and Basik. Valhalla and Basik

(Basik PSU supplied with 45 rpm adaptor).



Trampolin Kit.

Suspended base board available as an upgrade                            



Solid Base Board

Replacing hardboard base



Motor Thrust Pad

Small cap factory fitted (glued in position) to reduce noise


87047 (Val)

87206 (Lingo)


Direct coupled power supply for the LP12.

Offers low noise oscillators, precision filtering,

separate drive for both phases and electrical

isolation from mains supply.




Composition changed to a new harder, denser rubber.

Improves performance of suspension.



Motor Thrust Pad

Replaced with stainless steel ball bearing. Reduces motor noise.




Material changed to MDF core, laminated top and underside.

Increases rigidity of armboard, creating improved platform

for tonearm.



Bearing Housing

Improved bearing liner material and thrust pad specification.

Bearing liner machined to tighter tolerances, thus creating

better speed stability.

Changed to black oil.



Suspension Springs

Manufactured to tighter tolerance; ground top and

bottom. (changed from zinc to black)

Further tightening of manufacturing tolerance.

Tightened grinding tolerance.









Added strengthening bar, spot welded in place.

Increases rigidity and strength. late '70s

Attached strengthening bar with epoxy glue.

Superior bond; increases rigidity.




Enlarged corner blocks.

Strengthens and increases rigidity of plinth.



Valhalla Power Supply

Electronic speed control with a sophisticated crystal controlled

power supply.

Isolates the rotation of the turntable motor from variations in

the electrical supply.



Nirvana Kit

Improved material specification of many integral mechanical


Improved suspension and stability.



Lid and hinges

Lid prop removed and hinges changed to

spring loaded, self supporting.




Added two holes for 6 x 0.5 self tappers into

wood block.



Main Bearing

Liner material changed.




Strengthened by addition of strap, spot

welded in place.



Motor Control

Motor control pcb changed from terminal

strip to small circuit board.



Mains Switch

Changed from two buttons to single switch

with mains neon.