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I am always interested in purchasing quality hi-fi equipment either working or faulty.

Please contact me if you have anything to sell.

Especially interested in Naim Audio pre and power amplifiers.



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We can ship worldwide, please ask for a quote.



Naim 523 moving coil phono cards


Compatible with Pre-Amplifiers: NAC 102, NAC 82, NAC 52

Serviced and ready to go


Price 85.00 a set



Naim Audio phono card

A late model Valhalla power supply for Linn LP-12 turntable

 Comes with the switch and 6 months warranty.

Price is 120.00 and includes insured delivery to UK mainland

Linn Valhalla power supply

Own a Linn turntable and the lid won't stay up ?


Then these are just what you need to cure the problem


A pair of Official Linn Products lid hinges for the LP 12 Sondek / Axis / Basik turntable - brand new and unused

Very easy to fit, requires no tools.

These are the new uprated hinges with gold springs.


Price is 22.00 a pair plus postage

Linn hinges

Naim CD Pucks


CD's skipping during play ?

First thing to check is the state of the puck. The rubber contacts do wear with age and allow the cd to be clamped less tightly. It is recommended you do not leave a cd inside the player with puck in place for long periods of time as this can cause premature wear.


Prices are plus postage


Naim puck
Part number Models Fitted to Price Naim pucks

Click on image for larger picture
Puck 2 CD i, CDS


Puck 3 CD3, 3.5, CD 5, CDX, CDS II


Puck 4 CDX-2, CDS-3


Puck 5 CD5 i, CD5-X